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Lydia, an excellent student in King’s

班主任对学员评价:Lydia之前就在白金汉学习青少课程,由于需求转变,现在转为雅思预备VIP课程,在校成绩一直在稳步前进。丹妮属于比较自觉的学生,老师的任务都能较好的完成。在上课和课后听写等任务中都是完成的最好的。希望再接再厉,继续进步。 其他(在校)优秀表现:学校成绩保持稳步前进中。 学员在白金汉学习心得: Since I came here, my English has been obviously better than before. From the aspects of vocabulary and grammar, we can see that the course arrangement here is very reasonable. One unit is finished in two hours, and there is a review unit for every two modules. Every teacher here is very friendly and careful. When I

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King’s excellent student Zoe

班主任对学员评价:Zoe之前就在白金汉学习青少课程,由于需求转变,现在转为雅思预备VIP课程,在校成绩一直在稳步前进。很nice的学生,平易近人,虽然偶尔会有点偷懒,但是总的来说是听话配合的学生,思维活跃,非常聪明。 其他(在校)优秀表现:学校成绩保持稳步前进中。 学员在白金汉学习心得: The way I learn English is learning new English words and mastering basic grammar. You can memorize five or more English words every day and accumulate them. Speak English in your everyday life and communicate with friends and families in English. When you are free, you can watch some English movies and listen to English songs to

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