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Hi I am Graham I am from South Africa and am 39 years old. My first form of teaching was about 17 years ago whilst I worked for a multinational corporate company. My role was training all internal staff and clients on IT systems which were developed and released as well as business analysis. My understanding and ability to converse in business is due to ten years corporate business experience.

Whilst owning my own business I took pride in training staff. From cleaning staff to senior staff as cleaning staff were later promoted. This was possible as they were provided with the correct form of education.

Years later after owning my own businesses I joined the SPCA where part of my position was educating children and adults in informal settlements on the welfare of their animals as well as basic health care of their animals.

I arrived in China in November 2016 and it soon became clear to me that teaching is my passion once I started teaching at Kings International Ruian. TEFL is something which I feel can make a difference in this world. When I see a student’s face light up because they know they are achieving their goals and I see it, the feeling inside cannot be described. That is the passion and that is a good day!

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