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Hello, my name is Omar I’m from Pretoria, South Africa. I am currently living and working in China. I decided to come to China because I find the culture and the language truly fascinating. I have been travelling and teaching for five years now. My travels have taken me to Spain, Italy and Russia. During my time travelling, I was exposed to various forms of art and human expression. I have a true passion for Intercultural Education, Language, History, Arts and Philosophy. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you and learning from you, after all we are all both teachers and students.

I spent my university years studying, travelling and working. I studied a double major in Applied English Linguistics and Ancient Near Eastern Cultural Studies. During this time I wanted to broaden my knowledge and went on to study Diploma courses in Project Management, Music Therapy, Photography, Disease Counseling, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and the TEFL in China.

I look forward to creating with you, a beautiful experience at Kings. 

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