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Xu Linyi, an excellent student in King’s

Xu Linyi, an excellent student in King’s, is a passionate English learner. She began to study in King’s in March 2014. She had a strong interest in English, and after she knew more about King’s Chinese and foreign teachers, she loved English more.

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After stuying in King’s, Xu Linyi’s English has been greatly improved. A few years’ of efficient learning helped her pass pre-recruitment examination and became a student with excellent grade in a key senior high school in China – Ruian high school.

Now Xu Linyi is a high school student, but she has never missed King’s English class. She will take time to learn English every week. Even when other courses are in conflict with course, she is bound to learn English first. For her, English has its special charm, which attracts her to study deeply and never stop.

In addition to her usual studies, she was busy taking part in various major Chinese English competitions, including the National English contest. In China, the National English competition brings English talents together from all over the country, which means that the participants themselves have a solid foundation in English.

如果说英语对于她有什么影响,那就是她已经将英语融入自己的生活,她与英语的关系变得密不可分,英语带给她自信,带给她荣誉, 以后,将还会带给她更多更多。
If English has any influence on her, it is that she has integrated English into her life. Her relationship with English becomes inseparable. English brings her confidence and brings her honor. In the future, it will bring her more.

The following is Xulinyi:

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