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Zhu Xinxin, an excellent student in King’s

Zhu Xinxin, an excellent student in King’s , enrolled in the IELTS course, and passed the IELTS test after King’s study. And now she has successfully entered the University of Sheffield in England.

谢菲尔德大学(The University of Sheffield)是英国最著名的“红砖大学”之一,也是有着英国常春藤之称的英国名校联盟“罗素大学集团”成员。作为英国最顶尖的老牌名校之一,谢菲尔德大学以其卓越的教学质量与科研水平而享誉全球,并培养出了5位诺贝尔奖获得者,素来是英国最受学生欢迎的世界著名大学,吸引着来自世界128个国家的2.5万多名学生。在最具权威性的QS世界大学排名中,2013-2014年度谢菲尔德大学位列全球第71名。
The University of Sheffield is one of the most famous “Red Brick Universities” in the UK and a member of the “Russell University Group” of the British League, known as the British ivy. As one of the top schools in the UK, University of Sheffield is renowned for its excellent teaching quality and scientific research level, and has trained 5 Nobel prize winners, known as the most popular World University in Britain, attracting more than 2.5 thousands of students from 128 countries in the world. In the most authoritative QS world university rankings, University of Sheffield ranked seventy-first in the world in 2013-2014.

And Zhu Xinxin, as a student at the University of Sheffield in England, wants to better integrate into the native English life, so it is imperative to master the native language – English.

I believe that Zhu Xinxin, who has passed the IELTS exam successfully, will definitely be able to make a different journey in British universities.

The next picture is Zhu Xinxin:

Speaking of the changes in the UK, it is said that she broadens her horizon because of English. In King’s, she met foreign teachers from different countries and became friends with them.It was precisely because of the improvement in English that she was able to go abroad and explore the world with a more confident and easier attitude.

As English is the world’s common language, she can set foot in every corner of the world from now on by learning English.

The following are photos of Zhuxinxin traveling around the world:


In addition, in the previous recruitment of Nepal’s public welfare branch launched by Hu Lingyu, Zhu Xinxin was also involved in the enrolment and became a member of the Nepal public welfare branch. In Nepal , a country speaking English as a mother tongue, Zhu Xinxin’s English help her to easily realize the dream of going abroad.

Using English as a bridge to go abroad and bringing new knowledge to another country, Zhu Xinxin will have further fate with English.

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